“There will never be a better time to see the whales”

Accredited Whale watch operator

It's our aim to bring international whale watching standards to Ilha. We know how to get the best encounters for our customers without compromising the safety of the whales. Each trip starts with an educational briefing, our crew are very informative and there are onboard resources to ensure you get a world class experience.

World Cetacean alliance Partner

We were the first to recognise the significance of Ilha De Mozambique as a whale birthing site. With that knowledge came a responsibility to protect the whales. That's why we became partners in the world's largest alliance of whale activists, scientists, educators and whale watching operators

The most popular operator on Ilha

When it comes to designing and delivering activities Ilha Blue are way out in front. Every year since we started we have received the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence based on customer reviews. Our crew know how to do their jobs and are fun to be around

Morning discovery 1800mzn

8:00 Briefing and then sail away to the archipelago for a 1/2 day of uninterrupted whale watching. 

Group "Classic encounter"







Our classic whale watching trip. Includes briefing, sailing, lots of whale watching, BBQ lunch and beers on tropical island paradise. Famous for good reason

Family explorer

Whale watching at kids' pace. Memorable whale watch moments, island beach and fun. Our crew will work with you to decide what's best 

Photography and custom







Talk with us to make your own whale experience. Set sail at sunrise and return as the sun goes down, or whatever you like. Customised to your needs and can include shady beach time and BBQ.

The Team

All the beautiful people who make it happen.


O Capitão, lost with out him


Cooking up a storm


Whale Spotter Extraordinaire


Smooth Operator


Laugh Cook Smile


Born to Sail


Too much is never enough


Your guide in the hood


Everyone Knows him


Always Ready


The Brit of All Trades


Cool Calm Capable

What our enthusiastic whale watchers say

Super whale watching trip with Ihla Blue - highly recommended We had a couple of wonderful trips with Ihla Blue while we were on Ihla de Mozambique - one trip was island hopping and snorkelling, and the other whale watching when we saw humpback whales and had a lovely lunch on the beach on a deserted island afterwards. We love the fact that Ihla Blue is promoting responsible whale watching and were properly and very professionally kitted out. Reviewed August 19, 2019 Mark R
Ahoy! Whale-watching at its best We had a great time with Ilha Blue. Pete and Gail were open, thoughtful and treated everyone from staff to guests as family friends. We saw a several whales, and even some dolphins, and had time to explore Ilha de Goa, eat phenomenal fish barbecue and sail home on their lovely dhow. Well worth taking the time to go - and almost wish we'd gone twice!
South Africa

About the Island of Mozambique

Ilha de Mozambique, or just ‘Ilha’ as the locals say, is the heartbeat of the North with its colourful, vibrant culture and friendly people. As the former capital of Mozambique it has an extra special place in the hearts and minds of all Mozambicanos (Indeed the country took its name from the island rather than the other way round!) and the entire island is UNESCO World Heritage listed. And at only 3 kilometres long and 500 metres wide, it’s the perfect size for getting around by bicycle and kayak.

Ilha was once a significant link in the centuries-old African trade route to India and Europe and the island remains entrenched in history. This fascinating past is enhanced and contrasted by its fabulous contemporary culture….

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