Ilha das Cobras

1st visit to Ilha de Moçambique

The Ilha Blue group assisted by making this an memorable experience. Whether it be by taking a bike ride on the Island with historical information provided by a excellent guide or going out on the water with a kayak to snorkel and experience the magnifice ...

sunset mangrove

Camping on Cobras Island

A friend and I took the dhow trip out to Cobras Island and really enjoyed it. Our own little desert island for a day. The tiny beach where we camped was lovely with amazing rock formations. Kayaking around the lagoon was surreal, it felt totally cut off f ...

I heart ilha

Perfect Ilha experience!

A beautiful sunset sailing culminating in a swim and drinks with the fortress as a stunning backdrop. Thanks Gail for hosting us!Raewyn - Cambridge, New ZealandView this tour

dhow kayak

Beautiful Trip

We drove from Nampula to Ilha de Mocambique. Had a great time as we were able to enjoy the view through the windows of our tourist bus.There was water all over and it was crystalline blue with lots of greenery surrounding it. Enjoyed the tour, we ...

Kayak: Fortaleza

Adventures with Ilha Blue

Ilha Blue is without doubt one of the best tourism operators whose services me and my family have requested during our trips. With a broad offer of activities for all tastes and budgets Ilha Blue allows one to unveil the beauty of the marvellous Mozambiqu ...

The Fortaleza: Kayak

Highly recommended if you’re visiting Ilha

We went on two trips with Ilha - snorkelling on a shipwreck near Goa Island and a kayaking/snorkelling trip. Both were excellent - the former in particular was a wonderful experience. We really liked Peter, Gail and their team - laid back but efficient, s ...