Ilha Bike Tour

A true local experience

My partner and I were lucky enough to do this tour when the company was first setting up. What impressed us most was the true local feel of the company. Pete and Gail have worked in linguistics and community development in remote Australia for a many years. They are also a heap of fun. It didn’t take long for them to get to know their new colleagues and neighbours and there is a genuine sense of hilarity and teamwork that pervades the whole experience. 

We did the bike tour and a walking tour and aside from the absolute beauty of the island (yes the photos are really what it looks like – every scene a perfect picture) we got to know our guide, our guide’s mates, his favourite foods, his mosque, his family, the house he grew up, where he was when the last big cyclone hit and how he coped, where he goes to party on a saturday night and of course we shared fashion tips. The residents of Ilha de Mozambique are genuinely interested in people and it was great to walk and bike around this incredible place feeling like you’re hanging out with a new mate. The pace was perfect, the scenery incredible and the company exhilirating.

Cate Y – Alice Springs, Australia

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