Africas most bike friendly city

@Africasmostbikefriendlycity Hiring Bikes from Rent Aqui Join our campaign for more bikes on Ilha de Mozambique  Many of you will be familiar with the hashtag #africasmostbikefriendlycity. We create ...

The map inside Ilha Blue's first shop


Today FB posted a memory from 9 years ago which prompted me to reflect on just how far Ilha Blue has come since our humble beginnings in 2012.


Discover the best alternative accommodation

Look beyond the hotels to find something extra special, the place to stay that's perfect for you. Searching can be hard work so I’m going to make it easier by regularly listing some of Ilha de Mozambique's best alt ...

group shout USAID

USAID and Tuko Pamoja and Axinene Ari Vava

Axinene Ari Vava is turning heads, catching the eyes and ears of many. It’s not surprising given the energy generated by a focussed group of women. Together we are 23; 19 trainees plus 4 of us in textile design, training and management. And it’s b ...

Spacious safari tents

Camping in nature on spectacular Goa Island

An experience you will never forget Dhow to Spectacular Goa Island twice a day over Xmas and New Year period Spend a night or two camping on your own desert island. Goa Island is a short distance from Ilha de Mozambique but after 5pm when the vi ...

Dhow at Goa Island

Ilha Blue’s special holiday season program

Its holiday season and we know that when its time to celebrate "everyone loves a beach". This season we are making it easier and more affordable to experience the wonders of historic Ilha de Mozambique, the surrounding archipelago and sparkling trop ...


Um Convite Especial

Um convite para lançar e celebrar o projeto têxtil sustentável de Axinene Ari Vava. Junte-se a nós para dar as boas-vindas aos nossos convidados especiais Wacy Zacarias e Djamila de Sousa, as artistas da Karingana Textiles que irão dar a formação ...

Adventure travel – its time to get creative again

Its time to focus on what really excites us - adventure travel. Over the past few months we've used the downtime to stay busy with our social projects like axinene. But now its time to get back to core business, we're ready to focus on what really ex ...

End of year events

A better way to celebrate the end of the year together. 2020. What a year its been! This year Ilha Blue is arranging  ‘End of Year’  events so that friends, or work colleagues, can celebrate together. We can do an event for you, or your workplace. Ch ...

wooden canoes

When your day job is like an extreme sport

Mozambique's fishermen are a tough bunch. Setting out to sea every day in a leaky one-man wooden canoe. Each day has the potential to be an 'amazing adventure', not really what a person looks for in a day job, but these are tough people in tough t ...


Update on Coronavirus here on Ilha

Latest update on Coronavirus. I'm pleased to say that the official news on coronavirus in Mozambique looks good, relatively few infections and no deaths. However, it is a concern that health authorities don’t know exactly how many of the victims con ...

Sunset sail with our treasure chest bar

Axinene – Women’s Empowerment project

'We are the owners of this place' Axinene is our working title for the Women's Empowerment Project. This title, brimming with confidence, came about in 2019 when we ran a small pilot with young Ilha women to introduce innovation to the menu withou ...


Two sides of the island at high tide. Drone footage

Ilha De Mozambique is often described as an island with two halves; Stone Town and Macuti Town. But it could just as well be described as an island with two sides; the sheltered bay side and the exposed Contra Costa. This drone film shows the contras ...

Gorongosa response

Gorongosa NP response to Coronavirus video

We were very pleased to receive this video from Gorongosa National Park. They are the latest responsible tourism enterprise to commit resources to protecting the local community from Coronavirus (the Covid-19 Pandemic). And it's a lot of people, the ...


A social enterprise – a business for good

Ilha Blue is a social enterprise with people at its heart. We intentionally tackle social problems, provide people with access to employment and training, and help the environment. Over the next 5 years we want to increase our social impact by reaching out to our networks

Colonial map of Africa

Unusual ways many African countries got their names

The unusual ways many African countries got their names The concept of nation states in Africa is only a bit over a century old, arising after the 1884 Berlin Conference and the subsequent Scramble for Africa by European superpowers of the time. It ...

Girls cooking pete's mod

Something’s simmering …

A group of 5 young women have joined together to use locally available ingredients to create innovative, tasty products. The group go by the name 'Axinene' which, in Enahara (the traditional language of Ilha de Moçambique), means 'the owners of this ...

Kids drawings of whales

Success getting kids interested in whales

Kids drawings of whales Success getting kids interested in whales At the recent Whale Festival on Ilha we set out to raise awareness of the whale migration. But first, we had to create awareness of the whales themselves. What are they, how big are ...

Hump Whale Tail

Update on the East Coast humpback whale migration

Latest news on sightings, calving and overall whale numbers The whale migration is an annual event. Whales begin arriving here in late June and stay until October or even November. The main breeding activity (the best time for whale watching) is Aug ...

On the lookout for whales

Very proud of the Ilha Blue Whale Watching team

Years of experience are paying off Once again the Ilha blue whale watching team are getting the most and the best whale sightings. Last Saturday was a perfect example, eight boats went out and only one saw whales, and that was ours. Lead by Abd ...

whales everywhere

Welcome the Whales festival

Every year Humpback whales make an enormous 5000 klms journey from the freezing polar waters to the warm waters to mate and to give birth. Ilha de Moçambique is one of few places on the planet where this calving occurs and this makes Ilha a very spec ...

Ruby's in the week before close down

Ruby’s is closing down

This is sad news. After 9? 10? years Ruby's on Ilha De Mozambique is closing its doors to Backpackers and other budget conscious travellers. Everybody has a soft spot for this place. For years it was the centre of things, a hub where travellers me ...

What lies ahead

The Travelhadores again

The Travelhadores are back on the road again travelling 2500kilometres from the original capital of Mozambique to the present day capital of the country. The travel exchange is between Ilha Blue Island Saf ...

A tangle of ropes and buoys

Life savers

Life savers Bringing in the flags after the Christmas and New Year festivities. For the last 3 years Ilha Blue have put out more than 300m of lines, floats and marker buoys to create a safe place for bathers at Kharamu Beach, close to the Forte ...


Transforming local lives

Transforming local lives The Ilha Blue business initiative has as its core purpose ‘ to transform local lives through employment, training and increased access to opportunities. Aims that can only be achieved through a long-term commitment and by ...


Whale watch update

The humpback whales are well and truly here, more whales than last year if that’s possible, and all of the famous humpback acrobatics are on display pretty much all of the time: breeching, lunging, fluke and fin slapping of the surface and ‘tail-up’ ...

Lake Niassa, only 8 more hours to go!

The Travelhadores

The 'Travelhadores' - the Northern Mozambique Tourism Workers Exchange has commenced. The concept of the Travelhadores (a play on the Portuguese term for workers trabalhadores) is to give tourism workers in the north of Mozambique the opportunity ...


ARTA awards – We’ve been longlisted!

ARTA awards - We've been longlisted! African Responsible Tourism Awards - Ilha Blue Island Safaris, Nominee for Best for Engaging People and Culture ( We're very proud to stand alongside an inspiring group of res ...


Ilha Bars

Ilha Bars There is no shortage of places to have a drink on Ilha, every restaurant and café serves alcohol and there are 'Discos' for those who want to drink and dance till dawn, but recently a number of dedicated bars have sprung up, small places ...

Team spirit

Team building – Matanuska Mozambique

It was a great pleasure to have the senior management team from Matanuska Mozambique (Banana Farm) with us again on Ilha de Mozambique for their second, weekend-long session of team building. Getting started with a fun, interactive skills audit ...


Humpback whales are STILL here!

Humpback whales have arrived in big numbers this season. Mothers and calves are leaping about all over the place. Ilha Blue is the only operator doing whale-watching trips and we are going out 4 or 5 times a week. We go by Swahili sailing dhow so as ...

Ilha Blue shopfront

New Shopfront for Ilha Blue

We have moved into a fantastic new shop space; much bigger, more spacious and with the most amazing tiled floor! We are located in the heart of Stonetown at ‘Orera Orera’ (In Makhuwa this means: beautiful, lovely, good). We are sharing the space with ...

World Responsible Tourism Awards

Celebrations, Awards and Parties

At Ilha Blue we have started the season off in fine style, winning another Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence award (that makes three years in a row!). And on the same day it was announced that Ilha Blue has been nominated for the 2016 World Resp ...


Exciting changes in 2016

Transition to local ownership Ilha Blue has established a sustainable tourism business on Ilha De Mozambique. What is remarkable about this (and the thing we are most proud of) is that the tours are run entirely by local young adults with little ...

Snorkelling on the coral bombies near the Fortaleza

MSC Sinfonia March visit

March 22nd is the date set for this season's final visit by the MSC cruise ship Sinfonia. Preparations are already underway to make this visit the best one yet. Ilha Blue are the official activities organisers and each trip gives us the opportunit ...

Sailing to Ilha das Cobras

Tradition can help with the great leap forward.

February 29th is the beginning of the 2016 Leap Year. Every four years we add a day to our calendars to bring them into sync with the earth’s revolution around the sun—because it’s easier to change our human systems than to change the laws of nature. ...


Welcoming Passengers on the Cruise ship Sinfonia

When MSC's cruise ship the Sinfonia docks at Ilha De Mozambique on Christmas Day, Ilha Blue will be there to lay out a fantastic range of shore excursions. We are suspending our usual program and instead collaborating with local operators to offer ...


Return to Cobras

  In July, August and September this year we took a break from doing our Ilha Das Cobras overnight camping tours and focused more attention on our popular whale watching activities instead. Partly this is because we have limited resources and ...

Selemane adjusting our new 2nd hand bikes

Handing down the bicycles

Ilha Blue are upgrading to all Pashley bikes. On our trip to Malawi to get them from BeeBikes we were able to do a good deed with one of our old Heros. Recently we received an email from friend and tour guide Robert Korea. Robert lives in a villag ...


Our responsible tourism committment

In 2015 Ilha Blue will continue with our commitment to responsible tourism and that includes a promise to only employ people from Ilha de Mozambique. This keeps the money in the local economy so its good for the island, and it’s good for Islanders be ...

Old Feitoria conversion to new waterfront hotel

So many changes on Ilha

If you haven't been to Ilha for a few years you will notice plenty of changes. To begin with its now possible to loop the entire island on paved road. The Contra Costa, the Middle Road and a whole lot of cross streets have been paved making it easier ...


Edna sails like a dream

Together we've done the final touches to the edna and now she sails like a dream. Its taken two months longer than expected, probably cost close to double what I thought I would spend but it's been a brilliant experience and I’m sure its all going to ...

Yippee! whales whales whales

Humpback whales have arrived in big numbers. Mothers and calves are leaping about all over the place. Ilha Blue is the only operator doing whale-watching trips and we are going out 2 or 3 times a week. We go by Arabic sailing dhow so as not disturb t ...


Volunteering with Ilha Blue

Ilha Blue are responsible tour operators based in Mozambique. We’d like to invite talented individuals to come to Mozambique and work with local people involved (or wanting to become involved) in tourism. Our aim is to increase local participation in ...

drilling with traditional tool

More about the boat

Well its been a big learning curve for me, not so much the practicalities of transforming a motorised boat into a sail boat although that's complicated enough, more the politics and intrigue of it all. First off, the wood I paid for wasn't all goo ...

The shirt off his back

When Auiba realised he'd forgotten the coconuts for his famous 'arroz de coco'  he knew there was only one thing to do. Not wanting to disappoint his hungry travellers he trekked into a nearby village and traded the shirt off his back for a couple ...

stunning lagoon a short dhow trip from bustling World Heritage 'Ilha'

Top five – Ilha’s got it covered

When a poll by asked UK adults ‘What factors did you take into account when booking your last holiday destination?’  the top five priorities were revealed to be: good weather, nightlife, culture/history, lovely beaches and ...

Atamani Poling the boat around

New boat

Now here's a good story. A few weeks ago we came to agreement with a couple of Swedes and owners of Villa Sands - Anders and Thomas, to take over the operation of their boat, the Edna.  It's something we've been talking about for ages so we were all ...


We got an award!

  Certificate of Excellence "TripAdvisor is delighted to award Ilha Blue - Day Tours with a 2014 Certificate of Excellence. This prestigious award recognises businesses that consistently earn top ratings from TripAdvisor travellers." Th ...

The best job in the world

    In 2014 Ilha Blue will focus more on the marine environment and we would like a volunteer to help us to improve our marine tourism program. The waters around Ilha De Moçambique team with life, but like other parts of the Indian ...

guide training

Engaging Ilha’s youth with Tourism Training

Ilha Blue have initiated a new free training program that is open to all but with a focus on youth. Last week 25 young men and women came to an evening introductory session to learn about the courses being offered. The evening was designed to be i ...

Watching films at Recinto Do Antigo Paiol in Makuti Town, Mozambique Island.

Mozambique Island Film Festival

"When Mozambique launched its ambitious state-financed film institute in the 1970s, the Cine Teatro Nina on Mozambique Island was a thriving venue for cinema. Buy Metronidazole online More than 30 years ...


“Ztoziva” Women’s Day Fiesta weekend

Every April 7th Mozambicans celebrate Women's Day. This year the long weekend was topped off on Ilha De Mozambique with a spectacular Ztoziva food festival that attracted more people to the island than ever before.  The traditional and contemporary f ...


Ztoziva. Feira gastronomica

5th of April is the date of Ilha de Mozambique's next Ztoziva food fair. This event just gets bigger and better every time. Once again its to be held in the Corredor with food stalls filling the street and arches, music, lights and spontaneous dancin ...


Problems caused by flooding

Rain and flooding. Some river levels going up and others on the way down. Torrential rains hit parts of northern and central Mozambique over the past week, according to the country´s relief agency, the National Disasters Management Institute (INGC). ...


Peaceful elections

Elections in Gurue have been re-held without major incident, another sign that things are returning to normal around the country. MDM won which should strengthen their position as the new opposition. Heavy rains are swelling rivers but there are n ...