Turning our shop into a learning space and resource base for travellers.

For the last 2 years Ilha Blue has been operating out of the most fantastic shop right in the heart of World Heritage Stone Town.

Now we’ve entered into an arrangement that allows us to completely transform the place, keeping all the great ancient features and adding our own inspiration. Over the next 12 months we hope to transform it into just what we want, and what the island needs. You are invited to come and check on our progress

17th Century grandeur, 20th Century ruin, 21st century traveller’s hub

The building is old and was once part of a much grander complex. It probably belonged to Goan traders back in the day.

The front section opens onto the town’s main square, the square with the big anchors. The back section was once a large private verandah looking out on an ornamental garden. You can still see the columns and Swahili style barassa stone benches, the ancient beamed roof and walled up doorways. The view has been lost but we hope to recreate it somehow.

Its our plan to restore this heritage listed building to the highest UNESCO conservation standards. At the same time we will install the stylish comforts, resources and technologies modern travellers enjoy. Plus bathrooms, a training cafe, arts projects and other innovations to make it the best place to work and a fantastically stimulating place to learn. This is how we intend to make good on our promise to provide jobs and training to more of the island’s young women.

Its already a place to hang out

As well as booking tours and buying souvenirs you can also just come in and hang around. Sit on a stool in the window and watch the world go by, lie back on a day bed and listen to the music.

We sell fresh coffee, cold drinks, wines and spirits ( takeaway¬† or drink in), 100% fruit sorbet and have information boards and books on everything from birds, fish, whales, local history, Mukua culture, Mozambique architecture, glass trade beads and plenty more. There’s also free wifi and interesting people to talk with, and if that isn’t enough we have the best tiled floor on the island. When you are on Ilha, you absolutely must come in and see.