This is your chance to volunteer for something meaningful

Sailing away with other volunteers

Ilha blue’s volunteering program is open to everyone. So far we’ve had people from all over Europe, North America, Australia, South Africa and Mozambique. They come alone or with a friend/partner and stay from a week to 2 months.

Its an important part of our commitment to responsible tourism

What all of our volunteers have in common is an interest in doing something meaningful while travelling. Travel with a purpose means making a positive impact on the people and places visited. Volunteers bring with them skills to share along with plenty of enthusiasm and energy to contribute.

Sometimes volunteers want to learn about Ilha Blue, how and why we do what we do, and this is good too. We’re very happy when we hear that volunteers use the things they learn from us to set up their own projects somewhere else.

What skills we need

We need volunteers with the skills to improve the business; whale expertise, marketing know-how, IT, mechanics and so on. Or skills to build capacity in our workforce and community, which could be anything from cooking classes, arts workshops, literacy, English lessons  – you name it. Now that we have developed our shop space to also function as a learning center we want to get more young women involved.

We are also open to completely new ideas. In November we have an English journalist staying for a month to collect untold stories to share with the rest of the world, how cool is that?

What you get in return

Volunteering with us can be a life-changing experience. We have a vibrant workplace, an active social scene, lots of activities and the location is second to none. We also have a great place for you to stay, your own room right in World Heritage Stone Town with good food (yes we can even do vegan) and at least some of life’s creature comforts.

If you would like to volunteer in 2020, start a conversation with us now

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering with Ilha Blue visit and find Ilha Blue listed as a Mozambique host. We always arrange volunteering through this dedicated site because it offers protection for both the volunteers and hosts. You’ll also find reviews from previous volunteers so you know we are genuine, plus a full description of what we offer. Check it out now, talk to us soon.