Its time to focus on what really excites us – adventure travel. 

Over the past few months we’ve used the downtime to stay busy with our social projects like axinene. But now its time to get back to core business, we’re ready to focus on what really excites us, and that’s adventure travel: getting creative, exploring new locations, designing unforgettable experiences and making these adventures available for enthusiastic travellers to enjoy at a price they can afford.

Ilha Blue is well known to locals and foreigners living in Mozambique, but our biggest following, where we have really established ourselves, is with experienced travellers living overseas. People who seek out special places to go and things to do all over the world. With them our reputation is strong.

Prior to the pandemic these international travellers were booking our activities up to 12 months in advance because they didn’t want to miss out, but Covid 19 has changed that.

Because of the pandemic demand for international adventure travel has dropped off, and it will take some time to come back, so we need to get creative. Keeping our business viable, our workers in jobs and Mozambique where it belongs as an up-and-coming and unparalleled adventure travel destination.

So we are switching things around to focus more on providing people already here in Mozambique and neighbouring countries with special experiences. And this will include walks and overnight camps amongst the inselbergs that surround Nampula.

And it’s a great opportunity, because we will be offering these adventure travel experiences with the same high level of quality and style that the international traveller has come to expect, but at a price to suit the local budget. Export quality at home grown prices – how good is that?

Since whale watching ended in late September we’ve taken some time to explore new places including the inselbergs around Nampula which offer fantastic 1/2 day and even overnight walks. Now its time to begin pulling these new activities together.

We’re operating activities again, and will be continuing right through the holiday period and into the new year. We are working on new experiences but we still have the favorites like kayaking, snorkelling, dhow sailing etc. and we’ve dropped our prices by as much as 40% in some cases.

Listen up for new announcements on our website Or you can phone or email us, or better still if you are on Ilha, pop into our friendly new café, open most mornings.