ARTA awards – We’ve been longlisted!

African Responsible Tourism Awards – Ilha Blue Island Safaris, Nominee for Best for Engaging People and Culture (

We’re very proud to stand alongside an inspiring group of responsible tourism businesses. The competition is tough and so it should be. There are no shortcuts to becoming a responsible tourism business; it’s a journey of patience and commitment and well worth the hard yards.

Ilha Blue Island Safaris is only a small organisation but when it comes to social inclusion and promoting fairer ways of doing tourism business we punch well above our weight. At Ilha Blue we are PASSIONATE ABOUT PEOPLE.

Winning this award will give well deserved recognition to the dedicated Ilha Blue staff and the many, many locals who have worked with us over the past 5 years. It will also provide much needed leverage to galvanise local government and the business community on Ilha de Mozambique to really take on board the challenge of the whole island becoming a responsible tourism destination. And why stop there? Today Ilha, tomorrow the WORLD!

The way we travel must change – we all have a responsibility to the destinations we visit and the people who live there.

In this post-truth world of climate change deniers, refugee refusers and diversity intolerators we must, as a matter of urgency, develop a policy of inclusiveness – find ways of reconnecting with people, exchange knowledge, share culture and engage in meaningful relationships. We need responsible tourism.

Through re-visioning, re-imagining and re-telling Ilha Blue’s guides are continuously developing new stories and experiences, bringing this marvellous World Heritage island to life. You, the visitors, have an important role to play in the promotion of responsible tourism on Ilha de Mozambique. Open your hearts and minds, allow yourselves to be immersed in the destination; seek out the emotional connection, the shared experiences, the authenticity. Make Ilha your neighbourhood – settle in, slow down and enjoy the transformation.

Please share this good news story through your networks and show your support for responsible tourism by using the hashtag: #bettertourismafrica