Creating a traveller’s hub, Ilha needs one, we are going to make it

Our big project for this year and next is to focus on creating a traveller’s hub. The best travel destinations need a friendly focal point, somewhere to go when you first arrive.  For Ilha de Mozambique our shop will be it.

In previous years Ruby’s served this purpose, a hangout for independent travellers and locals, but now it’s closed. Ancora D’Ouro with its central position (and pizzas) continues to be a great place to check the island’s pulse and watch the world go by. But it was never really set up as a spot to mix and talk with other people.

So we are taking up the challenge. Already we have good music, comfortable seating, free wifi, extra power points to charge phones and laptops. We also have books and maps and lots of other interesting reference material you can browse through as well as people to answer your questions and unbiased accommodation and transfer information.

Services offered

Because Ilha has an increasing number of visitors staying in Airbnb style accommodation we’ll be selling a selection of quality wines and spirits to enjoy “at home”. And in the future we hope to have a range of fresh healthy food products too, yogurts, juices etc.

Soon we will have wine by the glass and stay open late, perhaps even sell snacks from the kitchen, lets see.

Events is something we are good at and this will make us even better

Film nights, televised sports events, music gigs. Staging local performances have always been part of our offering. We can experiment more now

Bringing people together with purpose

But the key feature, the one that will always set our shop apart from anywhere else will be the way we have designed it to bring people together. We are aiming for a lively cross-section of local people and travellers. In addition to what we offer travellers we’ll be providing local people, especially young women, with a safe space to be, a place where they can work or relax, build their confidence in the world, meet others and develop useful new skills.

Please pop in any time you see the shop open. Your enthusiasm will help make it the success we want it to be.