A better way to celebrate the end of the year together. 

2020. What a year its been! 

This year Ilha Blue is arranging  ‘End of Year’  events so that friends, or work colleagues, can celebrate together. We can do an event for you, or your workplace. 

Choosing ‘experiential activities’ to celebrate another year makes great sense, they allow everyone to do new and exciting activities together, creating great stories to share throughout the year ahead. 

Think of them as mini holiday trips; experiential adventures filled with great food, drinks and fun. You could also think of them as a welcome alternative to those obligatory office parties that less imaginative people doare

A popular trend

“For the last 4 years one company has told their 30 employees to pack their bags and take part in an experiential holiday trip filled with adventure, food and fun”.

“Holding an obligatory party, where people often drink too much and have no decent memories was not for us,” says CEO Sabina Gault. Instead, to reward employees for a year of hard work–and allow for an opportunity for some extended team building–the company decided to embark on a group holiday. “A trip provided a unique experience for the employees to be together outside the office and bond in a deeper way.

By taking the party elsewhere, it allows people to get out of their element and actually let go and have fun and create shared memories that last the entire year,” says Gault. 

“Employees return to the office with a renewed investment in the company and are well rested and prepared to continue their hard work the next year”. Full article


Some suggestions.

Try a 2 day package with Sunset sail, or an after dark bike tour on the day you arrive. Followed by a whole day of island beach escape with seafood BBQ and snorkelling on day 2. 

An alternative idea is to let us set up a comfortable overnight ‘glamping’ experience. Spacious tents on a deserted island beach. Dancing, talking or simply listening to the hypnotic sound of waves lapping on the shore, and all beneath an African sky crowded with a million stars.

We can offer lots more ideas, you probably have your own. How about

  • Kayak the mangroves
  • Bike the island
  • Cultural immersion
  • A walk through history
  • Shipwreck snorkelling

Whatever you choose we will customize every detail to fit your group’s specific needs. We can even book restaurants and advise on transfers and accommodation. Nobody knows the hotels, guest houses and large private homes as well as we do

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to create your end of year event – an experience your team will thank you for, and one they will never forget.