Humpback whales have arrived in big numbers this season. Mothers and calves are leaping about all over the place. Ilha Blue is the only operator doing whale-watching trips and we are going out 4 or 5 times a week. watchingWe go by Swahili sailing dhow so as not disturb the whales as mothers teach young ones to spy-hop, tail slap and breach. On so many trips there has been an extra bonus. We’ve seen hundreds of dolphins, schools of tuna, flying fish and huge peixe agulha (garfish) dancing across the surface. And even turtles mating!

After our fill of whale-watching we dive in for some spectacular snorkelling.Batfish -Sete Paus

Depending on tide conditions we either snorkel on the colourful coral reefs close to Sete Paus or the dramatic shipwreck site in front of Ilha de Goa. Then it’s time to go ashore onto the dazzling white sands of an uninhabited island for a delicious picnic lunch and a refreshing cold beer. After lunch we have time to relax and soak up the sun, loll about in the dreamy turquoise waters and wander along the beach crammed with exquisite shells and white washed corals before sailing back to Ilha.sandy-beach

The whales are generally here in Northern Mozambique until September/October.