Now here’s a good story. A few weeks ago we came to agreement with a couple of Swedes and owners of Villa Sands – Anders and Thomas, to take over the operation of their boat, the Edna.  It’s something we’ve been talking about for ages so we were all smiles when we finally shook hands and raised a glass to clinch the deal. Little did we know that 10 minutes later we’d be standing on the wharf watching our new boat slip slowly beneath the waves.

So what happened? Loose and rotting planks caused by months of neglect and a spring high tide combined to bring her down. But how about the timing, it actually happened right before our eyes – you wouldn’t read about it. What could we do other than head straight back to the Golden Anchor for a few more beers and a total rethink.


Going down right before our eyes


The sun sets on Edna












It took a bit of time to hit on a new deal but eventually T&A agreed to fix up the hull and we’d pull out the engine and either fix it or invest in something better. As it turned out the engine seemed ok after it was stripped down, cleaned and rebuilt but we decided to change from an inboard to two outboards anyway, and to do what should have been done from the start – fit a bloody sail. It’s a dhow after all!

Its taken a few weeks but the engine and gearbox (which combined weighed 800kgs and needed a crane to lift them out) are finally sitting on the dockside awaiting a buyer (any offers?). A load of new planks have been cleverly bent using a cunning tool and fitted, packed with cotton and painted. And this morning Atamani poled the boat around and moored it behind our office ready for the next stage of the refit, the mast, a Sal du Mar, 100m of new sail and various bits of new deck, ropes, pulleys, poles and lets not forget – two new motors.