Ilha Blue is putting together a regular newsletter so we can share stories about ourselves and the destination.

We’ll be including tips for travellers; things like visa information, new or better transport options, cool places to stay, interesting places to eat, that kind of useful stuff. We will also provide updates on our projects which are changing lives thanks to the enthusiasm of all those generous and inspirational travellers who visit here, including the many volunteers.

Because we pride ourselves on being adventurous tour operators this newsletter will be where you can learn about what we’ve got coming up, and how you can join in. The newsletter will also keep you updated on exciting local events you wouldn’t want to miss, so you can weave them into your next travel itinerary – or recommend to a friend.

This is where we can shout out loud about our belief in ‘travel for good’. Our activities help travellers to have meaningful adventures in far-away places, enjoy unique cultural exchanges and be part of a movement that creates positive change for people and the planet. A community of thoughtful travellers.

And finally, Ilha Blue is committed to growing tourism on Ilha de Mozambique in a way that benefits local people and maintains the environment and everything else that is so special about this place. Good communication is important to success, allowing us to focus locally but network globally. Our newsletter will enable us to do this better so please stay subscribed.