In 2015 Ilha Blue will continue with our commitment to responsible tourism and that includes a promise to only employ people from Ilha de Mozambique. This keeps the money in the local economy so its good for the island, and it’s good for Islanders because it gives them a chance to build their skills and even start their own business. Travellers will benefit too, with the opportunity to really immerse themselves in the local culture and experience the island from the perspective of somebody that lives there.


Over the past 3 years we’ve invested a lot of time and energy into the local people that work with us, and we will continue to do this throughout 2015. Our business has grown and our staff deserves the chance to grow with it, to increase their skills and gain the confidence to take on new responsibilities


So what’s in store?


Jamal Jaime is coming back to help. Jamal worked with us in 2013 before going down to Cape Town to study (that’s an amazing story in itself). He’s now coming home to the island and has agreed to work with us again for a few months, which is fantastic news. He’s a lot of fun, smart and a good role model for the others.


We also have a volunteer coming out from Australia. Zander is a 22 year old man with a love of the sea and a lot of travel experience to share. He’ll be working alongside Abdull, Nyati and the other boat crew to improve their understanding of best environmental practice and improve Ilha Blue’s ecotourism credentials

Peter will be delivering a short business course for islanders who already provide tourism activities and are looking for ways to improve the quality of what they offer. Gail will be developing a strategy to tackle the important task of getting more young women into tourism – this is not exactly new, she’s been working on it from the start, but this is the year that it will all come together – inshallah!