December holiday season

December is a time to enjoy excellent seafood in the company of family and friends here on Ilha. But up to now it hasn’t been possible to find the quality drinks to accompany your celebration – however thanks to Ilha Blue thats all changing.

We are now providing a range of quality wines and spirits for you to enjoy. This is a part of our commitment to improving service to our customers in every way we can. With this in mind we’ve stocked up on the very best French Champagnes including Moet and Veuve Clicquot. Plus less expensive sparkling wines and a selection of quality white wines. Drinks are available chilled ready to take to a friends, to dinner or the beach to enjoy on your desert island escape.*

In addition you can also choose from our superior selection of red and rose wines. Plus quality spirits like Gin, Cachaça and Vodka to blend your favourite sunset cocktails and Whiskey for late evening nightcaps. We’ve also got mixers so your festive season bar can be complete

To help you Ilha Blue will stay open every evening from December 24th through to the New Year. we’re easy to find in the main square near the anchors. So come in and treat yourself to something special, its the festive season and you’ve earned it!

*When you are buying drinks to take on one of our sailing safaris, ask about a cool box and glasses. This way you can keep everything cold and classy. Dhow options

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