The northern tip of Ilha is where most of the visitor go to first.

It’s where the forteleza, museum, pontáo and the loveliest beach are all located. It’s also where the main secondary school is. So often its buzzing with life, especially on the weekend when it draws in lots of day trippers who mix and mingle with everyone else, but with the pandemic, eish!

There’s a sense of waiting; but waiting for the virus or some visitors, who knows? I guess whichever comes first.

Over the past few days I’ve taken the time to explore and to try capture  the mood of ennui on camera.

The city streets slow down to village pace


There may be no school but you still have to look your best


Not so fast! Fatahe’s Beach bar mothballed


Nacaramo Beach. Deserted


Long lazy days, fishing and simply hanging out on the pontáo


Normally this street is crowded with school kids in the morning, but not these days.


Street sellers and tour guides waiting around with nothing better to do.


This soccer/basketball court is usually alive with sports action from first light


Popping by for a chat with stallholders. No business today though.


Looking wistfully out to sea. Hoping to spot an opportunity on the horizon perhaps


This beautiful parrot fish will be hard to sell now that all the restaurants are closed


Big sister, little brother. Strolling along the contra costa


Old man waiting for a dhow to sail him home to Cabaceira