A group of 5 young women have joined together to use locally available ingredients to create innovative, tasty products. The group go by the name ‘Axinene’ which, in Enahara (the traditional language of Ilha de Moçambique), means ‘the owners of this place’. It’s a fitting name. The young women have confidently taken ownership of the newly established kitchen space in the Ilha Blue emporium.

Juliana, a ‘foodie’ from Porto in Portugal who has fallen in love with Ilha (like so many do!), has been working with the women to explore the unique flavours of Ilha and combine them with some modern trends. The results have been super delicious. We are enjoying unique ‘Chás gelados’ iced teas, such as ‘Chá ananas’ pineapple tea and ‘Gingery Cin’ an infusion with fresh ginger root and cinnamon bark, icy cold ‘Cocolicious’ a creamy milk made with the whole flesh of coconut, nutty peanut milk, fresh pressed mango juice and a selection of ‘Mousses de frutas’.

It has been a long term goal for Ilha Blue to bring more women into tourism. The future is now.