In 2014 Ilha Blue will focus more on the marine environment and we would like a volunteer to help us to improve our marine tourism program.

The waters around Ilha De Moçambique team with life, but like other parts of the Indian Ocean overfishing and other human activities are impacting in a detrimental way. There are no simple solutions to this problem; local people are poor with very few alternatives, so the sea provides their only livelihood.

Ilha Blue believes that responsible tourism can provide an alternative to fishing and other unsustainable practices. We are not alone in this view; many community leaders and natural resource managers are convinced that the growth of well-designed sustainable tourism initiatives will benefit both the people and the marine environment. The challenge for us is to demonstrate both the environmental and economic benefits to others, and we would like some help from a suitably experienced and qualified person to do this.

This year we are building our capacity to do this. We have acquired a large dhow, which we are converting into a tour boat with plenty of deck for whale watching and other marine activities. It’s a great boat – perfect for this job. We already have kayaks, we regularly contract boats for camping and other activities on nearby islands, and our team of guides and other workers is growing. So we believe we are ready to make this move.

We would like a volunteer for at least 6 to 8 weeks to:

  1. Promote the benefits of sustainable tourism to guides and other people on Ilha
  1. Explore a range of activities including snorkeling, kayaking and whale watching and,
  • decide on the best activities and sites and help put together operations manuals for each one;
  • train guides and other staff in relation to each activity/site, giving them the skills to identify fish and other marine life and to then share this information with tourists;
  • help to foster best environmental practices for each activity.
  1. Share news of our sustainable tourism initiative with tourists, local people, tourism operators, natural resource professionals and interested individuals.

What we can offer in return:

The best job in the world in the best location in the world. A great room in our beautiful old Stone Town house. Meals – breakfast and main meal each day, lots of fresh seafood.

Unlimited access to the sea – use of kayaks, boats etc and inclusion on tours.

A dynamic, fun work and social environment with locals and international travellers

The chance to make a difference and improve the lives of others

When Begin July or August

Essential Speak Portuguese Experience working in Mozambique Interest in the natural environment

Got questions? Would like to put in an expression of interest? Email: [email protected] Or send us a message on Facebook