The Travelhadores are back on the road again travelling 2500kilometres from the original capital of Mozambique to the present day capital of the country. The travel exchange is between Ilha Blue Island Safaris in World Heritage listed Ilha de Moçambique and Maputo a Pé in the tropical, modernist city of Maputo.


The Ilha Blue travelhadores are Abdul, Aquatic Activities Co-ordinator; Anrane, Bicycle and Walking tour guide and Sumaila, Dhow Safari guide, cook and soon-to-be bicycle tour guide.

Our journey takes us the length of the country through forest and big game areas near Gorongosa to the coastal regions of Vilanculos and Tofo.

Maputo a Pé has a comprehensive tour program including Maputo Top Ten tour, Art Safari, Architecture tours (Pancho Guedes, Art Deco), Liberation tour, Jazz tour, and more. And a great group of experienced guides managed by Daniel.

The Smiling Lion – Pancho Guedes tour

Anrane and Abdul (Ilha Blue) with Walter Tembe (Maputo a Pé). Architecture tour.

For Ilha Blue guides this experience offers the opportunity to exchange ideas, pick up some practical tips and learn the importance of having your own style. And of course to be a tourist! We are really looking forward to hosting Maputo a Pé on Ilha very soon.

Guides lunch at Maputo a Pé, Tunduru Gardens. From left to right: Daniel, Ercilio, Sheldon, Herminio, Sumaila (IB), Abdul (IB), Guila