Our aim to transition Ilha Blue to local ownership suffered a disappointing set back last week.

There are a number of things we need to sort out before we can do this transition. One is getting a long lease on business premises that are suitable for all our operations needs for at least the next 5 years. This has to happen early so that there is plenty of time for making necessary modifications to the building, establishing routines and generally getting comfortable with the place. We thought we had this sorted – but!

We’ve been searching for over 6 months for the perfect place and really though we had finally found the answer when we checked out the TDM building. Whole sections of this ‘grande edifice’ that dates back to 1624 have been empty for years and the local TDM manager was delighted to negotiate with us to take over one side. TDM is in a very prominent position close to the sea, the rooms are all huge making it perfect for the kind of conversion we have in mind. We need to create a small commercial kitchen, storage for kayaks, bikes and all our other gear as well as training and workshop space.

On Friday however we discovered that the TDM building has been earmarked for use as “the temporary hospital” while the old hospital (an even more grande edifice) is renovated.

Of course I’m pleased there is going to be a better hospital, the island certainly needs one. And it’s impressive that the government has a plan in place to provide health care to the population while the necessary improvements are made. But did it have to be ‘our’ building?

Oh well, not deterred but a bit disappointed – back on with the search.