Whale festival new annual fixture in Ilha’s packed events calendar

Ilha Blue is pleased to announce that the Ilha de Mozambique Whale Festival will be held again in 2020 after the successful launch this year.

Ilha de Mozambique Whale Festival to become annual fixture

Ilha de Mozambique Whale Festival to become annual fixture

The event will begin on the 25th July 2020 to welcome the whales as they complete their 5000km migration from the Antarctic to give birth in the warm waters around Ilha. The festival involves a week of competitions, theatrical productions and presentations and the first whale watch safaris to view the gentle giants.

Once again, the festival organisers will put a firm focus on conservation education with local children and young people. The whale-watching season goes for two months in one of the few places in the world where calving occurs.

The event has become a firm fixture in Ilha’s packed calendar of festivals and special days.

The Biennale Festival D’Arte will be held for the third time on 22 August 2020. National and international artists will provide a week of creativity and inspiration — watch this space as and when more details are made available.

The Tzoziva food festival is a firm favourite. Dates have yet to be set for 2020, but its normally three or four times a year and always on a weekend. This allows visitors and local residents alike to sample a variety of speciality dishes and experience energetic African dance and drumming which continues late into the evening.

The May Day festival on the International Workers’ Day is always celebrated in style on Ilha. After the bands and official speeches, up to 30 floats begin a parade from the bridge to the hospital. Each float is creatively and humorously decked out to show the type of work or industry it represents. It’s a colourful and noisy event that the whole island enjoys.

For the International Day of the Mariner in September, a dawn flotilla lays a wreath on the sea to remember sailors who have lost their lives. A dhow race around the bay, a canoe race around the island, plus music, dance and food stalls, follow.

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