Women’s empowerment cafe to provide pathways to jobs through ethical coffee and traditional snacks

A group of local Ilha women will get involved in the launch of a women’s empowerment cafe in Ilha Blue’s shop. The new venture will fill the need for good coffee for travellers exploring the island at the same time as ensuring more women benefit from tourism.

Local women will join Ilha Blue Chef Atija at the empowerment cafe

Local women will join Ilha Blue Chef Atija at the empowerment cafe

The venture is set to launch in the New Year and follows a successful pilot in August. A number of talented local women showed what could be achieved in the space Ilha Blue has made available. The cafe will allow visitors to sample ethical Mozambican coffee and local snacks while knowing they are getting involved in an exciting, potentially transformative project.
Currently, Ilha women have few pathways into jobs in tourism. They often lack the opportunities to learn English and the confidence to apply. As a consequence, they have not had the chance to gain the necessary minimum work experience in customer service.
The women’s empowerment cafe will help to solve this by providing training and experience to a number of local women. This will, therefore, provide them with both a new source of income, and a stepping stone into employment.
The women will learn English with formal lessons and whilst interacting with customers. And they will build their confidence and have the opportunity to hold their own when applying for jobs. They will get involved in holding various events at the cafe and keep on learning as they do. All this will be made possible through a flexible approach to work where family responsibilities will be no barrier to taking up the training opportunity.

Ilha Blue is making space available for the women’s empowerment cafe in its shop

The cafe will also be special because the women will serve up coffee from Gorongosa, which is grown with support from the national park as part of its efforts to support local livelihoods in a way that protects and improves the local environment. Ilha Blue’s sister company Blue Zissou and Gorongosa have agreed to work together on providing more sustainable, respected employment in tourism.
The cafe will also provide a brand new venue for creating Ilha Blue’s famous island safari gourmet picnics.
“I’m looking forward to working alongside more local women so we can provide our well-known hospitality to more visitors,” said Ilha Blue Chef Atija.
“We are creating a space where women can gain invaluable skills whilst meeting the demand for great coffee and traditional snacks,” said Ilha Blue Director Peter.
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