Adventures in Ilha

I had the pleasure of going to Ilha recently and was quite impressed with the variety of tours offered by Ilha Blue. Although I only had time for the boat, snorkelling and kayak activities, it was clear that these tours were well organised, the guides were very knowledgeable of the area and the waters, and these activities are reasonable priced. It felt great to give back to one of the few local companies that is attempting to restore tourism in Ilha.

I highly recommend Ilha Blue for anyone that is looking to explore the turquoise blue waters and fascinating history in Ilha de Mozambique.

Mark – Washington DC, USA

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Adventures with Ilha Blue

Ilha Blue is without doubt one of the best tourism operators whose services me and my family have requested during our trips. With a broad offer of activities for all tastes and budgets Ilha Blue allows one to unveil the beauty of the marvellous Mozambique Island in way one could not do by himself. The activities as well as the staff and Pete (by lack of words – “the boss”) can only be rated with 5 stars being needed to point out that from our 15 days journey in Mozambique (from Maputo to Pemba) the three days spent on the Ilha were the most fun and interesting ones.

From the several services provided by Ilha Blue we must recommend the bicycle tour around the island which will allow one to better understand the place and locals and the three fortalezas loop which provides delightful snorkelling spots and the possibility of one to say he has circumnavigated the island. Accessible, affordable and run by kind and helpful people Ilha Blue must be praised and be in your top choices when choosing to better know the Ilha.

Pedro and Cristina – Marinha Grande, Portugal

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Great snorkelling outside Ilha de Mocambique and Goa Island!

We took two trips with Ilha Blue. First was the kayaking combined with snorkelling around the Island. The snorkelling was actually surprisingly good, especially outside the eastern part of Ilha de Moçambique, where the corals had great colour! The second trip we took was to Goa Island for snorkelling on an old wreck. The snorkelling was amazing and you can see big parts of the ship and its engine! There are also lots of fishes in the corals growing on the wreck! Thanks Gail and Peter for two great days!

Eric S

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Batfish -Sete Paus

Highly recommended if you’re visiting Ilha

We went on two trips with Ilha – snorkelling on a shipwreck near Goa Island and a kayaking/snorkelling trip. Both were excellent – the former in particular was a wonderful experience. We really liked Peter, Gail and their team – laid back but efficient, strong emphasis on building local capacity and skills and the things we did with them were just a lot of fun.

Ed – Sydney, Australia

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