Baobab dhow safari

Exquisite tour of Ilha das Cobras

This trip is the best thing I’ve done in Mocambique to date. It is truly a unique experience, and for us, the delightful surprises just kept coming, one after another.

First a true sailing dhow trip (no motors around here!) with an approach to the island that could be successfully executed only with the high tides of new moon and full moon – just that alone made it feel special! Then a volcanic rock formation that looked like a whale tail. Then the most idyllic beach camp site we’ve ever seen. Then an unforgettable kayak and swim exploration of the interior lagoon, which fills up twice a day with the swelling ocean tide, and creates an ever-changing network of caves and passageways from one crystal clear pool to another – as far as we know this is a natural marvel unique to the world!

Then delicious food (including lobsters and G&Ts to celebrate Christmas). Then camping under the stars. Then a quick refreshing morning dip in the ocean. Then a circumambulation of the entire island, which included a rock outline of a mosque for use by passing fishermen, and a shaman’s exorcism hut, since after all, this island is where the evil spirits from Ilha de Mocambique are sent :). Then one last visit to the enchanting lagoon maze and a beautiful dhow ride back to Ilha de Mocambique. What a treat!!

Highly recommended to anyone who wants an almost-backpacker-priced, off-the-beaten-trail experience with the natural beauty and solitude that is normally reserved for elite luxury establishments.

Gail and Peter run their company with utmost environmental and social responsibility, investing a ton of effort in training and capacity building of their local team, with the long term aim of raising the bar among all the tourist companies on the island, which they see as partners rather than competitors. Plus they are kind, kind souls, with lots of great stories up their sleeves! If you can, try to make some time to get to know them.

Elena – Maputo, Mozambique

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