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Ilha’s marine environment is amongst the most beautiful and bio diverse anywhere on earth, but it is also an ecosystem in danger. We are committed to conservation; tapping into the passion of key thinkers and activists from around the world and bringing that energy and expertise here to Ilha.


We vigorously embrace inclusivity and diversity; visitors and locals alike. Our aim is to create a shared experience of localhood - offering connected journeys which are dreamed by you, delivered by locals.


People need jobs and real business opportunities to move out of poverty. Together we are working to create a model for long-term economic growth that benefits families and strengthens the social and cultural fabric of this very special place.

Our Most Popular Tours

Sunset Sail

Stretch out on deck of Ilha’s most famous Swahili sailing dhow and sail, swim and enjoy refreshing cocktails while the sun sets in spectacular fashion on a perfect island day. 

A sunset sail is a marvellous opportunity to view and photograph Ilha’s iconic World Heritage sites from the sea. And capture the essence of Ilha’s pivotal role in the unique maritime and trading history of the Indian Ocean.

Discover Ilha by Bicicleta

Get a full introduction to the island. In 2 ½ hours of easy riding we’ll show you everything you need to know to make your stay on Ilha fabulous – including the bars, barracas, banks and beaches. 

Our UNESCO trained, Makhuwa guides will show you every historical site and take you deep into the heart of vibrant Makuti town for a real slice of Ilha life.

Island Hop Snorkelling

Come onboard our magnificent Swahili sailing dhow, decked out especially for island safaris. Sail between Ilha das Cobras and Ilha de Goa and continue to Picnic on exquisite Ilha das Sete Paus.

Enjoy the best of our unique archipelago: world class snorkelling, swimming, sunbathing.

Baobab Dhow Safari

Sail away for a day like no other. Voyage to the deserted headland of the Cabaceira peninsula and make you way up to the sacred Baobabs and the crystal clear waters of the lagoon.

This is your chance to swim in the sparkling turquoise waters of the lagoon and laze on the dazzling white sands of Varanda beach.  Explore private beach coves and the miniature eco-systems of myriad rockpools.

The Team

All the beautiful people who make it happen.


O Capitão, lost with out him


Cooking up a storm


Whale Spotter Extraordinaire


Smooth Operator


Laugh Cook Smile


Born to Sail


Too much is never enough


Your guide in the hood


Everyone Knows him


Always Ready


The Brit of All Trades


Cool Calm Capable

What our customers say

We went on the Whale Watching Tour, The Boabab Island Snorkelling Tour, The Bicycle Tour of the Island and the Snorkeling at the Shipwreck Tour. We would recommend any or all of them. Each had fabulous multi-lingual local guides who gave a good rundown of cultural/historical aspects. The boat tours all had exceptionally good home-made food and were well paced so that you had plenty of time to enjoy the environment and activities, but also to relax over a sociable meal.
Angela H.
We spent 2 weeks on Ilha and did pretty much all the Ilha Blue tours. On all of them the service was excellent and we were treated with fantastic care and attention to detail. We watched several world cup games with the staff and felt a bit like family by the end of our stay! Ilha is a fascinating place and really gets under your skin. Highly recommended.

South Africa

About the Island of Mozambique

Ilha de Mozambique, or just ‘Ilha’ as the locals say, is the heartbeat of the North with its colourful, vibrant culture and friendly people. As the former capital of Mozambique it has an extra special place in the hearts and minds of all Mozambicanos (Indeed the country took its name from the island rather than the other way round!) and the entire island is UNESCO World Heritage listed. And at only 3 kilometres long and 500 metres wide, it’s the perfect size for getting around by bicycle and kayak.

Ilha was once a significant link in the centuries-old African trade route to India and Europe and the island remains entrenched in history. This fascinating past is enhanced and contrasted by its fabulous contemporary culture….

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