Ilha Blue is the best known but not the only tour operator on Ilha. While Ilha Blue competes on quality others compete on price which is not such a bad thing, it means that there is something for every taste and budget

  1. Amisse Abdul is a local identity who is high on personality. Amisse has recently expanded his business and now provides boat trips on Benfica – a motorised boat he manages. One of the original Missangueiros, for many years he’s dedicated himself to guiding tourists around Ilha
  2. Genito/Harry Potter Magic tours. Genito markets himself in much the same way as Ilha Blue, you’ll see his brochures all over the island, he has a website and a shop in the main street close to us. In addition to island dhow trips and boat transfers to Carrusca, Genito draws on his Makua heritage to offer cultural experiences with language and cooking classes. He’s a very charismatic person but doesn’t lead all tours himself
  3. Eddi can generally be found at Escondidinho from where he offers historic walking tours. He hasn’t been around as long as some of the other guides but his tours are popular never-the-less.
  4. Moz Adventures are located at Villa Sands and best known for their electric scooters which they hire out half day or full day. A Nacala based operator they come to Ilha most weekends to offer fishing charters and boat transfers
  5. Local dhows/fishermen. This used to be the only thing on offer and is still a viable option, but with all that ‘authenticity’ can come a few drawbacks, so beware. Safety is not an issue so long as you choose carefully. A boat that is freshly painted, has an experienced looking crew (not young boys) and has a sail that looks serviceable is the one to go for. Don’t put too much faith in a motor because many outboards are old and barely maintained. Dhows can be arranged at the beach in front of the museum or through any one of the young men who “follow tourists around”. Price negotiable, but be kind – don’t beat them down to nothing.
  6. ‘In-house tours’ are best avoided. These are arranged through accommodation owners or the reception staff acting independently. These tours are either:
    •  Provided by the accommodation themselves and so lack the experience and passion you’d expect through a dedicated tour operator.
    • Arranged by the desk staff so you have little idea what you are getting, or
    • Contracted out to one of the above local operators which would be fine except the accommodation keeps most of the money.
  7. Dive operators – sadly there are none. A number of local people are equipped to do diving (and fishing charters) but they don’t offer this service on a regular basis. Its something we expect will change as there is plenty of demand for this activity.
  8. Others. As Ilha’s popularity as a destination grows, rumours abound about new investors stepping in. These are the kind of people who confuse bigger with better. Vamos ver!