Throughout my life I have always had a big love of communication, people and unique experiences. I worked as a street performer, actor, cabaret performer, and taught circus skills in remote Australian indigenous communities. With Pete I co-directed Straycat, a trailblazing Backpacker tour company in Australia. I trained as a linguist. And during all of this I travelled the earth, encountering an immense array of peoples and cultures.

Since 1999 I have lived and worked with Australian indigenous populations to document, promote, maintain and revitalise their endangered languages and cultures. A large part of my work has been concerned with capacity building through the training and development of Indigenous linguists and community-based Language Workers. My experience has taught me that for good things to happen the process needs to be fun, creative and collaborative. To achieve this I work with local artists, traditional knowledge custodians, indigenous language experts, linguists, creative arts workers, musicologists, ethnobiologists, film makers, the young, the old and everyone in between. Lucky me!

Together we use visual arts, multimedia and narrative techniques to explore innovative ways to enrich cultural heritage and strengthen social and economic fabric – always drawing on existing strengths, supporting people to access their own knowledge and traditions and to value them.

And now I am infusing Ilha Blue with the same ethos.