I’ve always been fascinated with Africa. Originally from Salford in the north of England I first visited this continent in 1981 when I drove all the way to Johannesburg (and most of the way back) by Land Rover. That incredible journey took me almost two years, I had plenty of adventures, made many friends and learned a great deal along the way. Like all travellers to Africa I was captivated by the people, the animals and grandeur of the landscapes but at the same time I was challenged by what I saw around me: apartheid, poverty, environmental degradation. For a naive Northern lad like me these were powerful experiences, thought provoking, life-changing stuff.

Next I set up a tour company in Turkey and then later with Gail, established Straycat one of Australia’s first and most loved backpacker bus tour companies. Keen to stay on the ‘alternative’ side of tourism, I then moved to remote Central Australia to work with Aboriginal people, assisting them to identify tourism opportunities and create their own businesses – I did this work for 15 years and I feel very privileged to have had this wonderful experience.

Now I’m applying my passion and professionalism to building Ilha Blue, a sustainable tourism business in Mozambique. Lucky me.