Kayak: Fortaleza

An unforgettable experience – the adventurous should take note!

I spent a good amount of time on Mozambique Island, a truly captivating location with a rich, preserved culture and a low-key, low-tourist atmosphere that leads you to feel as though you are making a discovery. I happened to meet the owners at a local spot and they convinced me to try out the kayak tour. As an ocean-advocate, I highly recommend this tour. A local guide showed us through patches of mangroves and rock outcroppings. We were able to cruise alongside local fisherman in their carved canoes, stare up at the ancient Capella da Nossa Senhora on glassy aquamarine waters, and were joined by a pod of dolphins as we returned to the pier beach at sunset! An unforgettable moment made possible by the passionate owners and local guides. A great way to give back to the island and discover the island’s beauty all over again!

PM Coaster

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