Fantastic Ilha

I have had a wonderful holiday on Ilha de Mozambique. It may be a little inconvenient to get to the island when you land at the airport in Nampula but there are several ways to reach the island and it is worth the trouble . On the island I found a small shop which sells books, wine and small handmade souvenirs. In front of the store there were bikes for hire and I met the people from Ilha Blue when I wanted to rent a bike.

Ilha Blue is a kind of local tourist office and I soon found out that it was not ordinary. By talking to them and using their unique offerings I gained valuable information that I could not find in another place and I’ve also been able to see the island up close. I have for example attended their bike ride around the island with a local guide . The guide took us on a quiet tour where he not only showed us the sights but also told us about the exciting stories behind the places. He also served as a nice “middleman” between us tourists and local islanders . I could feel the presence of him made the people relaxed.

I have heard that they also have another trip where you can buy fabric from the local markets and you can get it made ​​immediately by local tailors. I would like to try this next time. 

Reviewer – Denmark, Copenhagen

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