The best experience ever!

I spent a couple of months in Ilha and soon I met Peter and Gail. The fun, happy, extremely friendly couple soon became my greatest friends there. Ilha by itself is a fantastic place. I travelled through 50 different countries and I have never seen a place like this. And the idea of showing the place by Kayak and Bicycle with the local people as guides couldn’t be better! It’s a great way to know some of the local people – I had never met people like the Mozambicans. They are full of stories, fun, with a very true and happy heart! They are always willing to give you a smile, a compliment and a hug. 
Kayaking around the island can be a bit tiring, but I was amazed by the blue waters and natural beauty that I had never seen before! 

You won’t regret joining this tour and meeting this wonderful people! I treasure every moment I spent in Ilha, every conversation I had and my friendship with Gail and Peter!

Lisa Fujisawa – Sao Paulo, Brazil

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