The lost oasis!

I have been living in Mozambique for a year and a half and little did I know that, there was so much still too see. Well thanks to a very fun, active and extremely friendly couple, Gail and Peter I got to experience an unexpected adventure.

We went on a trip to “Ilha das cobras” (snake island), where so many activities blew my mind. It started off with an amazing sail boat trip from “ilha de Mozambique” (which is amazing) to snake island where we had an extremely relaxing and interesting hike around the island where we got to see a vast amount of seas creature in their natural habitat and at first I thought that it would be a a typical island cruise, but to my surprise the island is the keeper of a few amazing secrets, such as the fact that it is a natural breeding ground for ocean turtles and through the months of July to September you would see a few whales on the coast where they teach their young how to survive.

And the best for last, the island has a natural lagoon, home to very many different jelly fish species and more. It rises and falls according to the ocean tide and what makes this amazing is that the lagoon has no direct superficial contact with the ocean, meaning that the water penetrates through the rocks and sand to fill the lagoon on a daily basis. Here you get to do some amazing kayaking, calm cruise for those who want to have a relaxing voyage and crazy natural tunnels to explore for the more adventurous. In summary it is an amazing experience and an all around family trip. Good food and great company makes the island all the more fantastic. I recommend this trip to anyone of all ages.

Manuel – Nampula, Mozambique

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