When we say “there will never be a better time to see the whales” we really mean it.

The pandemic has brought international tourism to a standstill, and here on Ilha we are really feeling the pinch. Our strategy for surviving this difficult time is to attract more Mozambicans and foreigners who are still in country. To do this we are lowering our prices and collaborating with accommodation providers to put together some great packages and discount deals

Whale watching on Ilha is now an internationally significant event. For pregnant humpbacks Ilha is the end point of their long migration all the way from Antartica. This is where they stop to give birth. This is where you can observe both the frenzy of courtship displays and the gentle calm of mothers nurturing their new babies. This is what makes it so special. This is why you cannot afford to miss it!

In some ways 2020 will be like a step-back-in-time*. The collapse of international tourism means there will very few boats on the sea. Just Ilha Blue’s traditional sailing dhow, perhaps a few fishermen in canoes, and the awesome majesty of the whales set against the stunning natural beauty of the islands of Goa, Sete Paus and Cobras.

*The growth of whale watch tourism on Ilha is not a bad thing, it will make it possible for more people to appreciate the whales and nature in general. It can also provide the resources needed to give protection to this hugely significant site. There is a dream that it will become a Whale Heritage sanctuary one day.

Never-the-less, there will always be something special about being able to say “I was there before it became famous”, and 2020 is the year for that.

If you are in Mozambique, you wouldn’t want to miss it!

Whale watching is best in August and September. Thats when all the action happens. Its still possible to see whales in October but their numbers rapidly decrease as they begin the long migration south to their feeding grounds in Antartica.