The stuff of dreams: spending a night or two camping on your own deserted island.

Absolute beachfront

Goa Island is a short distance from Ilha de Mozambique but after 5pm when the day-trippers leave its like a whole other world.

Get back to nature camping in one of our comfortable safari tents set in the shade of trees and only meters from Goa’s famous white sandy beaches. Swim, snorkel or just wander along deserted beaches with lots of hidden coves and rock pools. Climbing the lighthouse to take in the 360 view of the archipelago is a must do as is marvelling at the night sky with unbelievably bright stars tumbling all the way down to the horizon.

Very safe for everyone

This is a very safe part of the world and Ilha de Goa is as peaceful as anywhere you’ve ever been. After the tourists leave it will be just you and any other campers (maximum 10 campers). There may be occasional fishermen, especially early in the morning but they wont bother you. There are 2 guards that look after the light house and they keep an eye on things for us which is nice to know.

For kids there are no particular dangers other than the obvious risks when playing around rock pools or in the sea. No wild animals, no fast moving vehicles. Parents can set the rules and the kids can enjoy a level of freedom they may never have experienced before.

If you are a group of friends that would like to party then there’s plenty of beach to do that away from the other campers. Dance till dawn and have the best night of your life without disturbing anyone.

Very affordable

We’ve done everything we can to make this unique experience as affordable as possible. There’s so much to a camping adventure and yet at $45/3400mts per night for 2 people its more affordable than staying in even the cheapest hotel. We also have 1 person tents for $25/1850mts

Very easy getting there and back

Ilha Blue has traditional dhows sailing there (and back) twice a day, and there are other boats going to Goa so you have plenty of choices. With us it costs 1000mts/$13.50p.p. return .

Things you can get there

Ilha Blue will be arranging BBQ lunches and selling cold drinks on the beach each day. You can also arrange with us to go snorkelling on the Kathiawar Shipwreck

Very easy to book

Book on Airbnb, call/email Ilha Blue or pop into our shop to reserve and pay for your camping adventure


  • Plan to be completely independent, take everything you need except tent, bedding and drinking water – we will provide that.
  • There is mobile coverage but boats only come and go in daylight hours – so there’s no escape after dark!
  • The sun sets around 17:30 and rises again before 5:00
  • It’s nature based camping so don’t expect toilets. Do as the fishermen do and make use of the sea or find a spot in the tidal zone. It may seem strange but its completely natural and clean and the environment will thank you for it. Far better than digging holes and using paper.
  • Same goes for washing. Go without or try a Sea Fabreze.
  • Avoid doing anything that will spoil the spot for the next person. Thats one reason we ban campfires and encourage everyone to be especially careful not to damage vegetation or leave any rubbish behind
  • Finally, have fun and a wonderful experience you will be talking about for the rest of your life