Many Islanders still remember the days when bicicletas and rickshaws were the only means of transport on Ilha De Mozambique and we are maintaining that tradition because pedal power is the easiest, most enjoyable and environmentally friendly way to get around.

This trip has been designed as a full introduction to the island. In 2 ½ hours of easy riding we’ll show you everything you need to know to make your stay on Ilha fabulous – including the bars, barracas, banks and beaches. But we’ll do much more than that…

Our UNESCO trained, Makhuwa guides will show you every historical site and take you deep into the heart of vibrant Makuti town for a real slice of Ilha life.

Travelling at a relaxed pace we explore the entire island. Both World Heritage towns, 8 bairros, 3 fortalezas, 3 cemeteries, 1 Swahili door, 6 churches, 10 mosques, 1 Hindu temple, day market, night market, fish market, 15,000 people and everything else in between.

Learn about the challenges of preserving this World Heritage site as you observe the careful restoration work going on around you. Criss-cross from side to side; wind your way through the narrow alleys of Stonetown and negotiate the bustling streets of Makuti Town brimming with life. Expect to see Tufo dancing or the day’s catch being landed. The guides always know when there’s something special going on, so no two trips are ever the same.

For the Bicycle tours we use Pashley ex Royal Mail cargo bikes – comfortable, reliable and lots of fun.