Ocean Safari: Whale Watching

Unwaning enthusiasm and fun!

The service provided by Ilha Blue was second to none from the very beginning and I’m so glad I stumbled across them whilst researching things to do on the island before leaving. This is a lovely operation, easily accessible from all hotels and hostels on the island, and run by a conscientious couple with a conscience!

Each tour they set up is done so with the intention of not being in competition with any other operation on the island, and they have a great relationship with their staff. They are warm, friendly and incredibly helpful with lots of useful tit-bits of advice extending beyond their own tours. I only went on the dhow sailing/whale watching tour but it was a wonderful adventure and exceptional value for money. The humpback whales eventually came out as if performing only for us, doing all sorts of things I’ve never seen whales do before! And lunch was spent on an island reminiscent of the ‘desert island’ of our dreams. Lunch was home-made and accompanied by local beers! What more do you need? Well, it turns out, a last minute race to see a whale at sunset before heading home, weary, sunned, and delighted. They will be my first port of call if I visit the island again and should be yours too.

Caroline – UK

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